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This is a collection of links to articles and interviews that I feature in. If you would like to talk to me for articles or views then please contact me.

From developer to CTO. How to become a Chief Technology Officer according to tech experts

18th August 2020

From developer to CTO - Interview Screenshot

The Software House wrote an article in 2020 for aspiring CTO's based on the advice of leader's that started in a technical role. I was interviewed for my thoughts and advice.

The full interview can be found here.

Accelerating Agile And Automated Development

May 2019

Accelerating Agile And Automated Development Article Screenshot

CIO Applications European Site invited me to contribute an article on on how Open Energy Market benefited from building its technology stack on top of Microsoft Azure. Open Energy Market graduated from the original Microsoft Bizspark program & benefited from the support & credits that were awarded.

The full article can be found here.

Dev To Manager Interview

8th October 2018

Dev To Manager Andy Crouch Interview Screenshot

Developer to Manager is a knowledge & career platform for software developers who plan to move to management interviewed me in 2018. It is a lengthy & open interview about the evolution of my career from developer to team lead to start-up CTO. I also share some advice which is focused on people such as myself who love building products & find themselves moving to a leadership role.

The full interview can be found here.

What is Open Energy and could it become a reality in the UK? - Opinion Piece

1st October 2018

Computerworld UK What Is Open Energy Article Screenshot

Computerworld news site wrote a piece in 2018 regarding a recently published report by the Federation of Small Business which outlined a new Open Energy standard in the UK. The idea was to mirror the Open Banking initiative to provide a much easier way for people & business to access their energy data & to switch suppliers. I was asked for my thoughts on the report & the benefits it would bring to end users. This also related to my post on the subject, on this blog.

An opinion piece about the Open Energy report detailed in my post on the subject. The full article can be found here.