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2017 Retrospective

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Well, it’s a week before Christmas and this will be the last post I write for 2017. I thought a little 2017 retrospective would be fun.

What went well

I started this blog back in January as a way to get back into writing on a regular basis. My aim was to post once a week as I worked on some different side projects.

The process has worked out quite well. I have posted 44 times throughout the year only skipping weeks I was on holiday. I wrote about the fact that I procrastinate about everything early in the year. I have worked to overcome this and have found the process of finishing a post much easier as we get to the end of the year,

The continued success and growth of Open Energy Market has been exciting to be a part of. From expanding the team to helping guide the company through interesting growth issues. It has been a busy but very productive year,

What needs improvement

While I am happy with how the first year of the blog went the main negative is that it didn’t always go to time. While I always created a post a week it didn’t always get posted. The reasons for this including the process of writing and procrastination. As I overcame these issues time became my biggest foe.

Due to the time and effort required by Open Energy Market this year I did not get to work on any side projects. Any spare time was dominated by research for issues we faced at Open Energy Market or reading on business leadership.

Next steps.

In 2018 I plan to make a small amount of time a day available to work on something new and personal. I want to hit a post a week again on time every Tuesday.

One of the things that I am very keen to learn more about is functional programming. Having had my interests piqued earlier in the year by a Clojure fanboy, Elixir is very much on my radar. As I move forward in learning more of that I will write my thoughts and idea’s here.

Finally, I am now heading off for a week to enjoy Christmas with my family. So I wish anyone reading this a Merry Christmas (if that’s your thing) and I will be back in 2018.