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And I'm Back

Photo: Unsplash - NeONBRAND

Six months away from the blog, but I’m back.

2020 has been not the year anyone has expected. I am sure I am not alone in finding it hard to process everything that has been going on. From the COVID 19 pandemic and its impact on life through to the sheer horror that is the non-complete, Brexit deal through to the US elections next month. By the time I got to May, the changes caused by the lockdown, the amount of work I had on and the need to carve out some headspace meant something had to give. Unfortunately, it was my blog.

The impact of the lockdown for everyone is significant. I have so many thoughts about this, it could be a post in its own right. I feel that the initial UK lockdown in April was backed 100% by everyone as it was a concrete effort to get on top of the virus. My fear as we start October is that the various plans for Tier systems and the lack of clear and consistent approaches throughout the UK will result in people losing faith in the science. I hope I am wrong.

I have spent the last six months working on some interesting projects. This has lead to working with some new tech stacks and frameworks. I have a lot of ideas for posts going forward to share some of what I have learnt. I also have plans to try some new hobbies as the dark evenings draw in and am looking for extra inspiration. All suggestions welcome

So onward …

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