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The i-Stay Fineline Laptop Bag

i-Stay Fineline Laptop Bags

Photo: Andy Crouch

I work remotely a lot of the time. But, as my role has developed I travel more and carry my office with me. I am always trying new laptop bags in an effort to find the balance between space and weight.

For many years I have used STM bags. Before that Pakuma which, unfortunately, have ceased trading. I have tried all kind of messenger bags, briefcases and backpacks.

For a long time, especially while I rode a motorbike, I settled on backpacks. They are functional but at a cost. I find that using them damages clothing, especially wool based clothing.

I decided to try a messenger type bag again recently and after much research, I have opted for an i-Stay Fineline. This is a fairly standard laptop and tablet bag. Given its slim nature, it has a number of compartments and pockets. It takes a laptop to 15.6” and a tablet up to 12”. I can easily get a power brick in along with pens, moleskin and various charging cables. The outer flap has a large zipped pocket and the rear has a velcro fastened flap for magazines or paperwork. All in all a slim, neat and waterproof bag.

The standout point on the bag though is the strap. If you have used a messenger bag with a material strap you will know they are no good at staying on your shoulder. As you walk, it moves and slips and you are forever pulling the bag back onto your shoulder. The i-Stay has a rubber shoulder strap which goes nowhere. If you run with a full bag, it doesn’t move. It is the bags USP and it works.

This isn’t meant to be any kind of endorsement for the bag but it is one of the better slim laptop bags I have used. If you don’t need to carry the kitchen sink with you on your daily commute, you should check it out.

I’d love to hear your recommendations on laptop bags and which you use. Please share them with me via twitter or email.