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Microsoft Has Purchased Github

Microsoft PC Showing Getting Ready Message

Photo: Johny vino - Unsplash

So the news has been confirmed that Microsoft has brought GitHub for $7.5 billion. Rumours first started to circulate late last week. The deal was officially disclosed yesterday.

I have been around both the Open Source and Microsoft communities for over 20 years. The reactions are predictable, in some cases quite funny but also unfair. Obviously, from the Microsoft side, there is nothing but general praise and excitement. From the OSS side there seem’s to be two main camps:

  • Those who were around for the Steve Ballmer driven onslaught on Linux. They remember the “cancer” comment. They remember the sponsorship of SCO while they tried to sue various Linux companies and developers. Worse yet are the younger generation who have been fed the war stories of old greybeards during which the details have been elaborated over time.

  • Those who totally get that Github is a rare unicorn. They built a great product at the right time for the right user base that had a need. Users of Github who have used it to power fantastic projects and power great products.

I for one think that the deal is good. Github, while suffering numerous (and normal) growing pains have been rewarded for their hard work. Microsoft picks up some amazing talent and the projects hosted on Github get continuity and the resources to power it for years to come. The also get an experienced and highly influential leader in Nat Friedman.

Fun times ahead.

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