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Moto G Bluetooth Issue

Motorola G

Photo: Andy Crouch

The Moto G is an amazing phone. I do not own one but my wife has owned every model up to the 4th gen. For around £150 you get a very reasonable phone which does exactly what my sons and my phones do for a lot more money. The camera is very usable, the memory expandable and games play really well. So the last 5 years or so have been plain sailing with zero support from me needed.

Until this weekend!

Google Play’s, Play Protect, notified her that it had found a harmful Bluetooth sharing app. Having lived with me for 20 years she knew that it needed to be take seriously and hit the Deactivate button. She then carried on without a thought about it. That was until she tried to connect to the car’s Bluetooth later that day.

Play Protect had actually flagged the Lenovo installed Bluetooth Sharing app as harmful. That took me the best part of an hour to find out from some serious Googling about. The solution is to

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Got to Applications
  • From the menu on the top right of the screen select “Reset Application Settings”
  • Then reboot your phone.

This will solve the issue. I am led to believe that many Moto G users have reported this to Google so it should not happen again.

If you’re having a simular issue and this solution does not work then feel free to reach out via twitter or email and I will see if I can help.