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Update On Debugging Rust In VS Code

Photo: Unsplash - Matt Artz

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about setting up a Rust environment and mentioned that I hit a bug with the Rust Analyzer extension in VS Code that caused the VSVim keybinds to not work. I did raise a bug after missing an existing issue that reported the same problem. Oops.

Anyway, to fix the clash you just need to remove a keybinding associated with Rust Analyzer by:

  • Going to the Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl-Shit-p “Open Keyboard Shortcuts”).
  • Search for Rust Analyzer.
  • Find the Enhanced Enter Key binding and delete it.

Now VSVim and Rust Analyzer play nicely and from my limited testing Rust Analyzer is a better extension that Rls.

Let me know your thoughts on Rust Analyzer via twitter or email.