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New Year, New Blog.

2017 In Sparklers

Photo: Unsplash

Welcome to my new blog.

This is not the first blog I have written. In the past, I maintained a blog for some years over on Blogspot. Due to family and volunteering commitments, I failed to find time to maintain it.

I have made some promises to myself for 2017 to make time to devote to personal coding and writing. This blog relates to one of those promises. I intend to (or attempt to) publish at least one post a week on a varied range of topics.

For those that do not know me, I am a 20 year veteran of the web and software development industry. I have worked across various industries and used a varied mix of technology. Some of my previous clients include BP, easyJet and HSBC. You can read about the interesting stuff here and here.

I am currently Chief Technology Officer for Open Energy Market. We are building a game-changing commercial energy procurement and management platform. My journey in this role and the technology we build will form the basis for some of the posts here. I have learnt a tremendous amount relating to the running of a start-up so it will not be all code and technology.

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So to anyone that has come across this post, here’s to a Happy and blog post filled 2017 and beyond!